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Archive | August, 2011

It’s all in the approach

Since I love my mom and dislike hurricanes, I decided to head upstate for the weekend and combine natural disaster preparedness with family time. I was hoping to try out the local studio where my mom’s been practicing ever since her joyful discovery of yoga’s benefits a few months back, but there weren’t any classes […]

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Yoga’s what it means to me

I left the community center yesterday feeling uplifted, enlightened, and thoroughly respected. I didn’t speak to a single child. This wasn’t the plan, of course. The plan was for me to plunge valiantly back into the throng of children who last week thwarted my efforts at teaching them how to get calm and stay focused. […]

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A little help from my friends

I am trying, and I am tired. But I am trying! That about sums up my recent sentiments regarding one of my greatest challenges thus far as a yogi: holding a safe space for a crew of kids ranging from age 4 to age 12. It’s hard. I knew it would be–I’m working with a […]

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This is where the peeling begins

There. I said it. That horrible pun has been pinging around my mind since Thursday. When the peeling began. It turns out my rooftop asana was canceled by rain, so I thought I’d have a reprieve from sweat and thus a chance at a tan. But the next morning showed a pink spot on my […]

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No sweat

You play in the sun, you’re gonna get burned. At least, you will if you’re me and you experiment with the sun-shielding abilities of shea butter. True fact: Shea butter has natural sunscreen properties. Truer fact: Shea butter does not have enough natural sunscreen properties to adequately protect you on a hot summer day at […]

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Love > fear