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Archive | December, 2011

Asana raincheck

I was looking forward to yoga when I woke up this morning. I got back from traveling last night and am leaving for another trip tomorrow, so today was the golden day of asana opportunity. Knowing I’d be practicing after work, I dressed conveniently and came to the office prepared, toting my mat, water bottle, […]

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Ahimsa toward self

I did the funnest thing last week—I recognized that I didn’t feel like writing a post for this blog…and so I didn’t! Such a simple solution to the pressure I was feeling, such a wonderful rush of relief when I set myself free. One of ancient yoga’s basic tenets, the first yama (which I’ve mentioned […]

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Om Schooled Teachers’ Lounge

Ever since I took my kids’ teacher training back in May, the Om Schooled sangha (community) has been growing, and with it, the desire for communication and outreach. Enter: the Om Schooled Teachers’ Lounge, a forum for kids’ yoga teachers of all stripes to collaborate and share. I’m honored to be a contributor, and thrilled […]

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Love > fear