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Today is special. Will you feel it?

sextile portal 7.29.13

Every day is special, of course, but today in particular, because the planets are lined up in a very rare and powerful formation that, in turn, gives us a rare and powerful opportunity to set intentions and manifest peace.

You don’t have to buy into the astrological implications of this phenomena in order to take advantage of it. All you need is relaxed awareness.

Personally, I don’t know much about astrology. I identify with my sun sign, and when I have a crush on someone I like to match up our zodiac compatibility, but I don’t take any of it too seriously. I’m just beginning to learn about sacred geometry, and while the idea of an energetic portal is appealing, when I hear the term “stargate,” I think of a 90’s sci-fi movie I never watched.

However, I’m passionate about self-care and growth and inner peace (which inevitably leads to outer peace), and I’ll pursue any pathway that moves me forward. Especially if it’s endorsed by people I trust and respect, as is the case with today’s occurrence.

Right this moment (if you’re reading before 4 p.m. EST on 7/29/13), two overlapping planetary triads are forming a six-pointed star, or sextile. According to astrologer Amy Bird, “sextiles are like open doors or gateways, showing us what opportunities lie beyond and what skills are available to us if we are to step through them.”

If you’re curious to learn more about which planets are aligned and what the significance of the open portal is, I encourage you to pop over to this post, which was compiled by someone who knows way more about these topics than I do.

But mostly I encourage you to take a moment—right now, if you can—to pause. Breathe slowly until you catch a glimmer of inner quiet. In that space, consider what your heart wants for yourself and for the world. And know that you have the power to create it.


Br(e)aking back to basics


This is what July (and beyond) looks like for me.

I told myself I would take off the month of July. Ever since January I’ve been goinggoinggoing, and I am ready to be still. Or, if not actually ready, at least aware that it’s time.

In the last five months I’ve taken an 8-week grammar course, a 6-week yoga course, a 10-week writing course, 5 weeks of guitar lessons, and 4 weeks of Wholly Shift, all of which required additional time commitments outside of class. I’ve also traveled to Chicago, the Catskills (twice), Texas, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts. All along I’ve maintained friendships, somewhere in there I turned 30, and every now and then I’ve tried to date. I’ve also worked a full-time job.

I’ve also gotten tired.

All of the learning and traveling has been totally by choice, and all of it worthwhile and mostly enjoyable. But as summer set in, a line from Dirty Dancing started to echo in my head: “She needs a break.”

And now it’s July, and I’m trying to rest. I celebrated the 4th and the long weekend that followed on a retreat with my writing group, which was certainly restful, aside from the part where I spent many hours typing thousands of words and battling the discomfort that accompanied them.

(I know, I know. My job is to show up at the page and produce, not to judge the process or the output. It’s hard for me.)

So, a week into July, I’ve still been seeking stillness. Lucky for me, a new chapter of Wholly Shift started yesterday, and last night’s session was rocket fuel for my rejuvenation.

With the guidance of universal intelligence (via Laura Hames Franklin), I released worry and doubt and gave myself permission to see things I’ve never seen before. Then in a state of meditation I summoned a vision for my future. Then I put it on paper.

What showed up were open hands, clear of eczema (a lifelong struggle that has recently resurfaced), holding infinite wealth and radiance. What came to me were words: my palms are pure and powerful. Self-acceptance. No judgement. Trusting abundance.

Receiving innate wisdom is rewarding in itself, but my delight elevated when Laura asked a super practical question. What are three tangible things I can do every day to get closer to my vision?

I wasn’t sure what might directly bring about infinite wealth and radiance, but I had a few ideas about releasing chronic inflammation, doubt, and judgment. And boy, were they basic.

Today I am avoiding refined sugar, dairy, and gluten. I will meditate for nine minutes, and I will drink three big bottles of water.

Simple, simple, simple, if not always easy. All three actions are doable, nourishing, and satisfying. Exactly what I need to help me slow down, to take a break, to breathe deeply. To rest.

water bottle

My water bottle is my new BFF. Bottoms up!