Keeping flowers in my kitchen is a form of self-care.

I’ve learned that self-care is pretty much nonnegotiable if I want to be nonmiserable, but lately I’ve been scraping by with the bare minimum.

So it was pretty cool when the latest Wholly Shift session resulted in a concrete list of tasks I can complete each morning and night in service of my well-being and continued growth.

Here’s what I came up with, which I’m sharing in the hopes that it might inspire you, and also to make me more accountable.

Five things I am going to do within five hours of waking up:

(1) Eat breakfast

(2) Write morning pages

(3) Meditate

(4) Handle the most urgent tasks at work

(5) Take one action on behalf of #AYMBF*


Five things I am going to do within three hours of going to sleep:

(1) Make a loving connection with someone

(2) Write for ≥ ten minutes

(3) Review my day and acknowledge my accomplishments

(4) Breathe and stretch for ≥ seven minutes

(5) Read

As you can see, none of the items on my lists are exactly neuroscience. Except, actually, they are. Because as I commit to positive behaviors, my brain will positively respond, rewiring itself to support these healthy new patterns.

Thank goodness for neuroplasticity. What do you want to do with yours?


* If you don’t know what #AYMBF is, I’d love for you to check out my author website and find out!