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Gratitude galore

Thanks 2013

Give thanks for everything. Say yes to what is.

It’s New Years Eve and I don’t know what’s next.

I do know: I am light, I am love, so are you, we are blessed.

I just completed a second round of morning pages in order to fill up the remainder of a composition notebook because I want to start a fresh one tomorrow without wasting paper.

Consequently I pushed myself to ramble for nine pages instead of three, which had some interesting results:

(1) I finally admitted that I want to be a famous writer whose words are read by lots and lots and lots of people.

(2) I accepted that it’s okay to want to be a famous writer. I am worthy. I am allowed to shine bright, bright, bright.

(3) I can handle anything that comes my way because I am grounded in gratitude, always, no matter what, thank goodness.

Of all the principles that help me be my best, gratitude is by far the simplest and most powerful.

No matter how I feel, saying thanks will help.

And so I filled the final page of my last notebook of 2013 with “thank you.” After a few lines the words  turned into “thanks,” and then into “yes.”

My pen was running out of ink and I was nearly out of paper, and as I repetitively wrote, I let my thoughts be fleeting and my presence be strong.

I want to say yes to life, to give thanks for everything that is, as long as I’m alive. With every word, with every breath, I can choose gratitude and love.

As long as I know that, I don’t need to know what’s next.

Be here. Practice everywhere.


Texts from @cherihuber via Twitter help me stay present.

It’s not always easy for me to slow down.

In fact, it’s frequently hard.

There are so many things I could/should/want to be doing at any given moment, and I find it challenging to choose stillness.

But Cheri Huber helps.

Several times a day, @cherihuber sends a tweet, which I receive as a text. Sometimes I ignore the messages. Sometimes they make me roll my eyes. And sometimes they are exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.


“Turn your attention to joy.”

“Believe that you are amazing.”

“Life loves you. All of this is here for you.”

“Slow down. Be mindful of what you are doing. See it with new eyes.”

These are the kinds of suggestions that show up on my cell phone. They are opportunities for me to pause and reflect, absorb or dismiss.

The wisdom comes from community—anyone who wants to can submit a message, and everyone gets the benefit.

Practice Everywhere retweet

This was one that I submitted. It was fun to receive my own assurance!

Sometimes when I check my phone, it’s an unconscious attempt to tune out of the present moment. When I see a text from Practice Everywhere, it’s a conscious reminder to tune in.

Pausing is important, and this is one of the many ways I do it. What works for you?