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Give thanks, get goodness

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I want to be grateful. And so I am.

There’s a message board in the entryway to my apartment, and on it I’ve written a reminder that has really helped me stay present the last week or so.

“Focus on what you want.”

That means no regretting what didn’t happen or dwelling on what’s wrong. It means noticing my thoughts and dismissing what doesn’t serve me. It means leaving no space in my brain for anything other than a vision of life as I most love it.

My mind wants to worry and wonder: What if this doesn’t work or that doesn’t pan out? Or for that matter, what if it does?

It’s so easy to get caught in thought tangles, to rationalize my mental gymnastics as reasonable or necessary.

But the truth is, life as I most love it does not need to be thought.

It needs to be seen.

When I close my eyes and imagine ideal outcomes in sensory detail, I am communicating clearly with the universe. When I focus steady on what I desire deep, I can make realities from my dreams.

The methods and processes of manifestation are many, and I’m going to share with you the simplest technique I know:

Give thanks.

The more gratitude you give, the more goodness you are able to accept. And when you focus on what you want, you can summon the feeling of having received it.

Get in the habit of doing that, and soon enough, real life will match your dreams–or maybe even be better.


Resting in unrest

Image courtesy of “Annie” Nancy JonesFrancis (annieo76) via Flickr Creative Commons

I don’t always get what I want, but I always, always get what I need.

The first time I heard the Rolling Stones sing something similar, I instantly related, though it’s taken me years to realize I can try more than sometimes, and there is no “just might” about it:

I get what I need.

(And so do you, particularly if you’re reading this, since to do so you’ve got to be breathing.)

For the past few days my yoga has been slippery. I’ve been grasping for peace and it’s been shimmering just beyond reach. I’ve gotten caught up with wanting, nearly forgotten that I am not in need.

When I think I need something I get anxious, and when I am anxious I am uneasy. Usually I’m making things harder than they have to be. The solution is simple, but I don’t always see it.

When I upset the balance of my existence–when I attempt to control my life more than accept it–anxiety shows up and I am in unrest. The trick is, the only way out of unrest is to rest in it. If I stay still with the situation, if I gently steer my thought-tangled mind toward silence for even a minute, I start to see what I was missing before.

Nothing. Nothing is missing, nothing is needed. And if I allow myself to accept that reality–a truth I perceive with my own senses–anxiety has nowhere to nestle.