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Scatter Joy

This beloved blog is on a sort of gentle hiatus while I sort out what’s next. (Sign up for updates to be sure and find out!)

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite posts. These are the ones I re-read when I’m having a tough time, or just want some reassurance. Maybe they’ll make you feel better too:

You don’t have to earn a thing, aka, Oh yeah, I really DON’t have to worry about anything right now.

Love is greater than terror, aka, the time terrorists killed my friend’s boyfriend and I had to be compassionate anyway.

Show up and breathe. That’s it., aka, seriously, it’s true, I really, truly do not have to worry about anything right now.

More love, less fear, aka, yep, all the truth right here. This still marks the best New Year’s Day of my life (so far).

And finally, an excerpt from a post called I’m so scared. Someday I’m going to turn these words into visual artwork, but for now I will just keep repeating them:

“Love is my trump card, my winning lotto ticket, my night-light, my soft blanket, my wide smile, my huge hug. Love is my hope, and my laughter, and my promise to keep trying.”

Love > fear