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How to salute the sun

Ever since I started my own daily practice, I’ve been meaning to post about the details of surya namaskar, or the standard pattern of poses that comprise the sun salutation. However, I found a page today that serves as a good resource, so rather than paraphrase, I will just thank Kitty Williams for her work and link to her explanation:

Honor the Sun–and Yourself–with a Daily Yoga Sun Salutation

The sequence she diagrams is the sequence I follow, except that in Step 9, I keep the same leg back as I do in Step 4. That is, if I step my right foot back into high lunge, I then step my left foot forward after downward dog. This maintains emphasis on one side (the right leg is long the whole time)–which means a second set with emphasis on the left side is required to complete a cycle. The video Kitty links to at the bottom of her post, which I am embedding here, shows exactly how I do my daily salutes (including the need to pick up my foot for adjustments), minus the beach:



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