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Seventy Times Seven: The Challenge of Forgiveness (Lesson 46)

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This is straight-up a placeholder post

It’s the afternoon of Thanksgiving and I am struggling just a bit.

I want to enjoy my limited family time, but the truth is that I feel out of sorts.

No one is behaving the way I think they should (myself included), even though I did everything I could to abandon all expectations.

Also I am very tired.

(That leaky air mattress? It kept leaking all night.)

Still, this is the only Thanksgiving I will have with my family this year. Today is all we get.

And I want to at least be present for it, even if I do not feel full of joy.

So I do not want to be worrying about what time we finally eat dinner and whether I will be able to duck away and talk about Lesson 46 for a secret blog no one in my family even knows about.

Hence this hastily written placeholder post.

I hope I will replace it, but if I don’t, I forgive myself regardless.

Oh yeah, about forgiveness

Forgiveness is everything.

Like, really, the most transformative option we have for growth.

Or, to quote some spirit guides (not mine—this excerpt is from a recent client’s reading):

“The best way to get over hurt from the past is to fully acknowledge two truths. One, that the hurt is real. Two, that past pain is an illusion. You are feeling the hurt only in the present, and so it is only now that you can choose whether to feed or release it. Forgiveness is the truest way forward. You can choose to love and let go.”

Forgiveness is the truest way forward

It really is.

Katherine said some good stuff about it (including some commentary on the biblical reference that she uses in the title), but nothing better than what I just shared from spirit guides.

So today I will focus on loving and letting go.

I let go of the hopes I once had of sharing this day with Paul.

I release every person I will see today from having to show up in any particular way, and that definitely includes me.

And I will feed no hurt, choosing to nourish only love.

Lesson 46 in practice

To be honest I did not like the homework assignment for this lesson and also it was very late and so I decided not to do it.

Maybe later I’ll explain why it bothered me, but since I already have other ways of approaching forgiveness I don’t really mind that I missed out on this one.

Instead, I will stick with some tried-and-true h’oponopono phrases (I love you, I forgive you, I’m sorry, thank you) and I will let love lead.

Oh, and given that it’s Thanksgiving, I will also be grateful.

Love > fear,


Want to know what happens next? Proceed to Chapter 47.

Missed what happened before? Go back to Chapter 45, or start from the beginning.

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Love > fear