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Sometimes yoga is music

I can’t believe I’ve only known about Snatam Kaur, or, more accurately, her entrancing and soothing song “Ong Namo,” for only a week or two. I haven’t heard anything so beautiful since Donna DeLory’s “He Ma Durga” or maybe my first taste of Enya. But this track is the best of both worlds because the […]

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Your nose needs a neti

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip-drip-drip-drip. I try to be patient as I wait, my head tilted slightly to the  left, my chin tucked into my chest. I have the spout of what looks like a gray plastic genie lamp wedged into my right nostril. The genie’s lamp is halfway full of salt water that I’m pouring […]

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Bikram doesn’t believe in me, either

I have told a few people to check out this blog, which means there’s a chance you already know that while I continue to practice hot hatha yoga, I’ve decided to stop practicing at the studios licensed by modern guru Bikram Choudhury. But I thought I’d go ahead an include the quote that tipped the […]

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Bye-bye Bikram

I am going to get my 200-hour certification, which is a pretty standard achievement in the yoga world. It’s a generalized pre-req that may or may not carry weight or meaning, depending on where you go and who you talk to. (According to this New York Times profile of Tara Stiles, certification is worthless. I […]

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Breathing easy

I was supposed to go to yoga on Friday night. It was going to be a cathartic, restorative, grounding experience. I was going to love my body, and push it physically, and laugh good-naturedly. I was going to move to live music, soaking in the vibrant frequency of the energy around me. I was going […]

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Getting personal

My coworkers ate lunch together in the lounge today and I told them I started this blog. Soon thereafter I realized some people don’t care about yoga. They don’t have anything against it; they just don’t care. Which means they don’t try to learn anything about it. Which really troubles me. I know I cannot […]

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A new beginning

Back in October I had a breakthrough of sorts. A few of them, actually, but the one that resulted in this blog was the web domain I promptly purchased. In a fit of foresight, I snagged this blog name as well, but until today, nothing has been written for either the website or the blog. […]

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