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Archive | September, 2011

A nasal-retentive reminder

A lot of people around me have been sick lately, and I have zero interest in joining their ranks. It seems to be a cold that’s going around, so I am paying extra attention to my immune system, making sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep and vitamin C as preventative […]

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Fancy and feather free

I don’t usually go to upscale salons to practice yoga, but that’s definitely what I did yesterday: In the course of my two-and-a-half-hour haircut, I had ample opportunity to focus on my breath, connect to my body (image), and become aware of my ego. I even stood in tadasana for part of the time, and […]

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Transformation, in the space of a breath

“Transformation can be as simple as returning to the breath.” Yesterday I received that wisdom from Cheri Huber, a monk whose work I admire and whose tweets I receive as texts because they’re designed to keep me in the present moment. I’m not going to become a monk. And I’m often far from Zen. But […]

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Common yoga

If you’ve been into hip-hop anytime since the 90s you have probably heard of Common, but if you haven’t, all you need to know is that he is an honorable man who has found huge success by staying true to his core values. I recently heard him talk about life and discuss his new book, […]

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Angry yoga

I’m mad, and so I’ll meditate. I don’t particularly want to meditate, mind you, but yoga is my go-to solution because it’s the least destructive way I know of to cope with my problems. It’s funny, how well I can pull off the Zen thing at times (see previous post) and how at others I […]

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Not by a longshot

I’ve been pretty much prepared to get “bad” news for a few days now, because in my experience, more than a week after a final job interview, no news is not good news. Nonetheless I’ve done my best to stay neutral, persistently telling myself that I wouldn’t really know the answer until I received it, […]

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Stabilized surrender

I’ve been pleased with my recent calm–I’m waiting to hear whether I’ll be offered my dream service job, and in the meantime there is nothing to do but make the most of the present, even though I am also anxious to plan for the future. Really, there’s nothing like not knowing where you’ll live in […]

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Love > fear