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In case you didn’t already know

I like to feel good. Stress, typically, does not feel good. Sure, sometimes it’s exhilarating—the thrill of rushing toward a deadline, the zing of taking a risk. But I don’t need a lot to get my fill, and lately I’ve had too much. The other night I did yoga at home, and that helped, for […]

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Enough IS enough

I don’t know why I feel so compelled to publish a blog post; there is no reason that I have to. None. Nor is there any pressure. Not externally, at least. Internally, I admit, there is a voice warning me how easy it is to do nothing with my blog–just look at my track record […]

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Time is telling

I’ve been struggling to compose a blog post. It’s been three months; an entire season has passed without my pressing the publish button. I don’t feel good about this, yet I also refuse to feel bad. I am being very honest with myself about what’s going on in my life, but it is harder to […]

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Love > fear