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High-tech homage

I felt so sad when I read the tweets about Steve Jobs.

I wasn’t expecting them. I knew he was sick; he stepped down, after all. But just the other day I watched an entertaining video that at least implied Steve Jobs was okay, and it was fiction, but it felt good to believe it, and yesterday he died.

I didn’t know Steve Jobs, so I was a little surprised to realize how very sad I felt. But I soaked in the feeling and opened to learning about it, and soon it made sense: Of course his death is upsetting. I love him. I may not have known him firsthand, but I know his heart’s work, his contributions to this earth, and they are personal.

Macs are pretty personal. Moreso than PCs, in my experience, which is funny since PC means Personal Computer. But it’s nonetheless true that my iBooks felt like my besties, whereas my current netbook is more like a trusted assistant. As for the iPod, it caused a paradigm shift in how I experience music, for the infinite better. And while I don’t have an iPhone, I doubt the smartphone I so heavily depend on would be as awesome as it is without Apple’s competition.

Steve Jobs made his life matter by following his passions and believing in his purpose, and in doing so he shared love and its benefits with millions. Of course he will be missed, but the products of his existence are plentiful, and his energy will have continued life. For that I am so very grateful.

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