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Life is so great. So abundant and good and gracious. I know the tides turn, so this euphoria I’ve been floating in for days is bound to dissipate, but until it does I want to soak in the sensations and share them.

I spent ten days in Texas and it was so, so, so good for my soul. I grew up near Dallas and have strong ties in Austin as well, yet I attended college in Chicago and have lived in Manhattan ever since, so it’s always interesting when I revisit my homeland.

I’m rarely there for more than a few days at a time, so it was a real luxury to have two weekends and a full week in between with no obligations outside of a high school reunion and a wedding.

Everything was wonderful. I kept my heart open entirely and there was love everywhere I looked. Love for the highways and the hill country, for the urban and the rural, for the familiar and the unexpected. Love for what I’ve lost and for what remains and for what I’ve yet to gain. Love for family, and friends, and commitment, and courage. Love, love, love, love, love.

It’s not all you need, but it will certainly keep you on a path to fulfillment. I have faith in love: I know I can trust in its existence, that I am always safe and cared for. How frickin’ awesome is that?!

The past is history, the future’s mystery, and now is a gift–that’s why they call it the present. I don’t know the official source of that sentiment, nor am I entirely comfortable repeating it (because no matter how happy and full of love I feel, there is still a cheese-factor to certain aphorisms that makes me cringe). But no doubt, those ideas are true.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the gift of the present moment so much that I haven’t really had time to fret over what’s happened or worry about what’s next, and I’ve discovered a surprisingly comfortable state of unknowing. It feels like a good way to be, connected to a limitless source of love and welcoming whatever is.

There is more I want to tell you–how lucky I feel to have had a fantastic evening with high school friends in New York last night, thereby extending the magic of my Texas trip a little longer, and how excited I am to take yoga tonight with one of my favorite teachers, and how optimistic I am about serving as a Connector with, and how seriously I am thinking of writing a book next month.

But right now, I have the present to attend to, and so do you, so I’ll just leave you with a picture from last night’s concert venue, which pretty much captures what my heart feels like inside. Ah, love, thanks.

The Angel Orensanz Foundation is a beautiful place, just like love.

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