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Too busy to breathe?

Life has been busybusy lately, mostly good, but somewhat stressful. And because there’s so much on my plate right now, I fought with myself all day about whether to force a blog post. Today is my imaginary deadline—it’s a personal goal of mine to publish something once a week—and I hate hate hate breaking commitments.

But if I post for the sake of posting, then what’s the point? I love this blog because I get to be myself, to say what I want, how I want, whenever I want—no editors, no proofreaders, no pressure. If I don’t have something meaningful to communicate, my time and yours is better spent elsewhere.

There is plenty that I want to share: I taught a group of kids over the weekend and impromptu invented a new yoga term; I helped a friend find sinus relief via the magic of neti; I counseled another friend about the nuances of lineage so she could decide where to practice in her new city; I discovered an overlap in yoga and business philosophy with one of my role models in the political/corporate world. And the list goes on.

I want to tell you about all of that, and surely some of it will show up in writing down the road. But despite thinking, “Ah! This would make a great blog post!” after every one of the aforementioned occurrences, I haven’t had time to get anything down in detail.

And now I’m up against a deadline of my own creation, self-imposing the very pressure I strive to avoid. I don’t know when the “publish once a week or else” mentality kicked in; it’s not like I have a production contract or an eager audience of millions (yet?). I don’t think a single one of you is going to bail on me because it took eight days instead of seven for me to say something new.

But I’m stubborn, and maybe a little OCD, and I haven’t gone more than a week without posting since January, and I don’t want to start now.

So I’ll post this egocentric explanation and cut myself some slack. I’ll relax my shoulders, feel better that I’ve met my personal expectations (however arbitrary they might be), and move along with my evening. And I’ll remember that no matter how crammed I let my schedule be, I’m never too busy to breathe.


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